User Experience Design

XID creates the best User Experience that exemplifies your brand and brings greater value to the business.

If there is one parameter of digital platform that forms the front-face of customer satisfaction, it is user-experience. UX/User experience determines the degree of engagement of a customer with the online interface. A good UX is an index of many components from aesthetics, creativity to functionality, responsiveness and most of all, intuitiveness. An intuitive UX design creates a broad spectrum of user behavioral patterns across different regions, backgrounds in the online medium and integrates it in its functionality.

Taking one step further, XID’s UX designs leverages the latest technologies to create a close-to-human user experience, on the digital interface. Our team’s deep dives into the user domain to understand their level of involvement at each level of the business process, to create an interface that ‘talks to’ the user.

The key elements of XID's UX designs are:

  • Visual design with Graphics, text, layout, colour schemes – the visual aspect of your website is what makes the first impression on the user. These elements are seamlessly integrated with the functionality to enhance the user experience.

  • Information Architecture that outlines the structure of a website with a search system, navigation system and labelling system all of which enable the user to derive the output he needs – be it data, information or posting query, in a smooth, simple manner.

  • User Interface which is one of the primary components of UX, is the front-face of your website. Our user-centric approach to UI designs helps to attract and engage target audience instantly.

  • Content delivery that encapsulates tons of information in a crisp, easy-to-read, quick-scan module, in view of the low attention span of readers in the digital medium.

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