User Interface Design

At XID, User Interface (UI) design team specialises in creating beautiful and functional interface designs that ensures your digital solution becomes a lovable product.

What establishes the primary connect between your website and a prospective customer is the User Interface. The UI is the first window of communication/interaction with your customer and a good UI design ensures that the user is deeply engaged and “connected” to the purpose of your business . User Interface also showcases the brand value of your business through the visual design, functionality and content. Being an integral component of User Experience, UI designs are the key index to measure customer engagement with your website.

What makes XID's UI designs stand apart, are the high degree of customization that comes with a thorough understanding of end user interactions with the digital platform. With the right blend of creativity and functionality, the User interface, we design enhance the usability of your product while maintaining the aesthetics of your business identity.

At XID, we focus on key elements that make our UI designs unique, innovative and user-centric
  • User-defined document that gathers inputs from your team of users at each layer to have an in-depth understanding of their preferences, mode of operations etc.

  • Template of style documents that clearly define the styles, layouts, color palettes their scope and constraints in terms of technology and execution. This document also renders the scope of scalability of your app or website as your business grows in the future .

  • Unified User Experience that focuses on uniformity of styles across the different layers of your website functionality. This helps in ready scalability, while integrating new pages or projects in your website.

  • Intuitive ‘n’ Intelligent User Interface that predict user behavior, is proactive and responsive to ensure not just a seamless transition from real-time to digital world but also to render an unparalleled user experience.

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