XID corporate branding solutions build a unique identity for your brand so that you can enjoy a premium edge over the competition.

What sets your product or service apart from the rest, is the brand that you build around your business. Branding in the digital platform takes an all new meaning, in view of the ‘world of competition’, that offers a plethora of similar products/services. It takes more than ‘uniqueness’ to establish your presence in the digital market. Here, every dimension of the online medium needs to be explored to project your brand, its quality, credibility and most importantly, worthiness or value-addition to your customer.

Our branding experts at XID delve into the numerous avenues of the digital market that help to create your brand – through value-added services to your customer.

Our branding process covers these key areas :
  • Brand discovery where the essence of your business carved out, through a thorough analysis and research about your products and services.

  • Competitor study that charts out an analysis similar players in the space and their impact on the market, and how your business can take an offbeat route for delivery.

  • Target market to study the consumers who would buy the product or service, their expectations, the user-interface demographics that help to predict user behavior, which in turn enables us to create intuitive, interactive and engaging digital platforms. From a broad demographic study to specific market segment, we help channel your business vision both on a global and regional/local/niche-segmented scale.

  • Brand story, which showcases your business with the essential elements, through many channels of multimedia – voiceover, presentations, video clips which in turn help build your brand quotient. We choose the best-suited avenue for your business to create a compelling brand story.

  • Logo that remains the most relatable aspect of your brand for a consumer. Logos make the first visual imprint on your consumer and a good logo design encapsulates many attributes of your business – aesthetics, quality, corporate culture, reflecting upon your products/services. We create a concept for logo design, in a template with color specifics, styles, and layouts and, collaborate with your team to build upon the design, or even recreate an existing one.

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