Digital Marketing

XID increases your brand awareness, brand recall value and encourage customer engagement through digital media that makes your brand presence effective online.

With its global reach, instant connectivity with customers, and 24*7 accessibility, the digital market holds immense potential for your business to grow exponentially. The many media of digital marketing override the barriers of offline marketing techniques – in terms of reach, customer-engagement, and cost-effectiveness.

Building your business’ presence in the digital market helps to increase brand awareness, brand recall value through effective customer engagement.

XID's digital marketing strategies for your business helps to reach your target audience and expand its potential. We deploy the most relevant of the digital marketing technique that help boost your business performance through greater visibility, better leads and click-through-rates through social media posts, ad campaigns, PPC etc.

At XID, the scope of digital marketing services cover:
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization services that help garner traffic to your website by boosting search engine rankings in the major search engines. The improved website traffic in turn translates to better leads and conversion rates for your website.

  • PPC or Paid-per-click advertising generates keywords and key-phrases that help hit your target audience directly, thereby generating more leads with greater probability of revenue generation. PPCs start generating leads from the time it is launched and it is one of the fastest means of leads generation.

  • Search Engine Marketing that leverages the potential of search engines to increase the visibility of your business, by making it appear on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). The tools used for SEM can be through paid or organic ad campaigns.

  • Social media marketing that is a potent tool that entails users, leads, consumers to your brand through unique strategies devised by us. Apart from riding the social media buzz, your brand also improves its visibility as social media attracts more users than any other digital interface.

  • Content Marketing that is about crafting creative content all set to grab eyeballs. What changes a browsing user to an engrossed reader is content that is concise, attractive and packed with information. Creating visible, engaging, online content involves understanding the psyche of online readers - who seek quick-scan, instant info. XID’s experience in delivering content across various media and industry domains gives us a competitive edge to deliver beyond what the user seeks.

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