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The best way to connect with your potential audience to engage them in your products and services is through web and mobile applications from XID.

In the current digital market scenario, performance of your business is not just about integrating individual software apps running at optimal functionality. These applications should also entail scalability, portability, robustness and user-friendliness; all of which culminate to a great user experience. Deployed across multiple platforms and devices, apps that are seamlessly connected to the user/customer/client are what propel your business forward.

Application Development for the web and mobile platform therefore encompasses a series of methodologies and procedures that evaluate business requirements at every level of design, development and deployment.

What adds the ‘XID touch’ to web application development and mobile apps is our A-Z understanding of business requirements and the end-user role/functionality at each stage to ensure a smooth transition from real-time process to the digital platform. Our unique approach to developing mobile and web applications not only integrates the latest technologies but also customizes them to suit best the business process.

Web and Mobile Application

Web Applications are the primary engines to propel your business in the digital platform. The web apps developed by XiD span the universe of the online medium, reaching out a wider audience, and enhancing customer engagement through rich customized user interfaces.

Taking the online leap further, is business-on-the-go with mobile apps revolutionizing the way you transact, interact and communicate--whether it be smart phones, tablets, mobile phones, running on Androids, IOS and others of the like.

At XID, we keep pace with the latest trends in web and mobile technologies while tailoring them to suit your business requirements. We factor in the ever-changing demands of your consumer-base , while studying their online behavior patterns to render a rich User Experience(UX). Our process of developing mobile or web applications encapsulates many essential elements such as user-friendly interfaces, security, portability and scalability that enables your business to grow, lead and succeed.

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