Content Management System

XID's Content Management Services enable simplified capturing, storage and management of content with the right technologies to improve your business.

How and what you communicate about your business to customers worldwide, defines the functionality of digital content. The more dynamic the content is with regular updates, timely feeds etc.; the better is the visibility of your business in the online space. The best way to achieve this would be through a CMS that does not demand exclusive technical expertise, while allowing you to efficiently carry out periodic updates, with well-defined access controls, flexibility in managing and storing your content.

Leveraging the highly customizable and user-friendly features of CMS, XID enables you with greater ownership of your digital content.

The XID team empowers your business by streamlining it with :

Mobile Content Management System, enabling secure access to corporate data through smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Enterprise Content Management System for an organization set-up with version controls, user access rights, routing, archiving, content governance and security.

XID'S CMS process involves key areas
  • Intuitive User Interface/ Experience by familiarizing users with key functionalities linked to visual cues, reducing overheads in terms of search n seek on the interface.

  • Flexible Site structure to enable users to customize the structure of content, to expand its scope with changing business requirements.

  • Efficient Editor that is responsive and supports all kinds of content formats such as text, images, videos, gallery etc. while allowing you to import third party content from youtube, twitter etc.

  • Content Management that enables efficient storage, archiving and retrieva.

  • User-defined roles and access in a hierarchical fashion to restrict and grant rights accordingly.

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